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The Tree’s Still At It

The past few weeks at The Sharing Tree have been really busy. March came and along with the gloomy weather it brought Leon County’s Spring Break to the Tree. The Sharing Tree organized a Spring Break Camp that was made up of two separate workshops a day for kids! It was a lot of fun to help Carly set up with that although I mostly helped by watching over the store and help customers. I learned a very valuable lesson in that week.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Carly laughed at me when she saw me helping a woman with one of her crafting projects. The woman had these visions for her project but with limited staff, Carly can only do so much. She chooses her time and energy very carefully. This is a crucial lesson to learn especially when dealing with such limited resources. I immediately realized my mistake but followed through with my commitments anyway. By the end of it, the customer was happy with what I could do for her, although I’m sure she hoped for more of an expert’s aid.

Upcycle in Uptown had a better turn out this past week. We still didn’t have the turn out that I had hoped for, but I’m currently thinking of different ways to make this a sustainable project that could continuously bring revenue to the Tree. Something that I did differently was share the event with my friends and family through Facebook. Carly stays pretty up to date with the Facebook of the Tree so that helps as well. The kind of people who usually go there are mostly mothers with children. I wonder if we should prepare crafting kits for sale for children. This would eliminate having to have someone host the workshop at the Tree and the price of having the site’s utilities operating an extra two hours. Maybe creating kits including the materials and instructions for crafts like the Bots could prove beneficial. Will discuss this with Carly and hopefully have a better idea next time I write!

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