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Wrapping Up- Domi Edition

In regards to the entirety of my experience working as Domi’s Project Management Intern, I have come to find that this experience has better prepared me for a more in depth career path.

At the beginning of my work with Domi, I had a vague idea of what the organization’s vision was and how the goals were to be executed. My focus in my individual career path both as a student and a future Non-profit worker was to focus on international non-profits that would aid in poverty alleviation. Throughout my time at FSU, I have always had the vision and the mission, but I lacked a tangible path to work towards bringing the vision to reality.

Looking back at my time learning under Dominick Ard’is and working alongside the Get Started program, I have learned how to take an idea and make a business model out of it. Regardless of whether or not the end goal for the business is money or social impact, the business models are one in the same. I have learned through my work at Domi, how to create a business plan, how to network with customers, how to fine tune costs, and how to sort through the legal components of businesses.

My entire experience with Domi has truly shaped how I view social entrepreneurship. Because of the work that I was able to be part of, I have been prepped and trained to eventually start my own StartUp and cultivate it into its own successful nonprofit.




Moving Into November

With October’s events completed, the moving into Entrepreneurship month at Domi has been one of the most eventful things that could occur. Each November, Domi dedicates the entire month towards bringing in businesses and agencies who have previously come through Domi’s programs for members to network and further develop their business models.

In working under Dominick Ard’is, I have been able to have one-on-one lunches with the owner and creator of Catalina Cafe, Tallahassee business lawyers, CEO’s of non-profits, and local bakery chefs. I have been able to help with administrative duties regarding new entrepreneurial housing plans, inter memberships databasing, and project management. I have found that through my experience with Domi, I have been able to learn more about how to gain the skills of time management and business professionally. I have learned how to both create and implement projects, and I have learned how to implement personal reflection within my work.

So far in my experience with Domi, I have enjoyed being able to network with Tallahassee business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Given the fact that I live near a college campus, sometimes I tend to forget about how there is a whole other community of individuals working and creating the future other than college students.

Get Started: Project Management Intern


Questions I’ve Had Thus Far:

  • What is my role as an intern to Domi?
  • How do I use my knowledge of leadership and growth and apply it to my position?
  • What areas can I grow in while at Domi?
  • What am I taking away from this so far?

In asking myself these questions during my 5 weeks at Domi, I’ve been able to have better reflection and insight into my experience. Each day I go into Domi I am genuinely excited and ready to begin my role as the Project Management Intern. When engaging in the agency 4 days a week, for at least each 5 hour shifts, I get to be part of such an amazing process of facilitating growth and development for Tallahassee’s entrepreneurial community. I’ve begun working with two other interns to develop a better marketing of Domi and publicize the innovation that happens each week during a typical Domi day, working with Dominick Ard’is to facilitate the weekly Get Started program for businesses, and working to help create a feedback system for the weekly One Million Cups pitches. I think that my experience thus far at Domi has been rewarding and challenging in that I have been able to have space to create on my own, while being guided in productivity.




Get Started

DOMI: (n) latin for “family”

150 members, 200+ business entrepreneurs, 3 directors, and 3 interns. All with one objective: to build the vision and mission of social entrepreneurs into a tangibly innovative business, while creating a family of networks. My first week interning at Domi was the exposure to this realization, as well as the realization that I had the chance to be part of this wonderful process.

At its core, Domi can be divided into two sectors: the physical space and the innovation. Within the physical space, Domi provides co-working space for entrepreneurs to have 24/7 access to the facility, similar to that of Google Headquarters.. Maybe not so much in the wealth, but in the youth and innovative atmosphere. The second component is the innovation. As Tallahassee’s main incubation agency, the 150+ members at Domi are all exposed to a network of mentors and staff to guide their startup process.

So as a quick recap to my experience during my first week of Domi, here are some highlighted points I enjoyed:

  • Domi offers free Catalina Cafè to its members
  • During “creative breaks” the staff encourages members of Domi to either walk to the FAMU park, play ping pong, or grab a drink with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • I get to be part of working under the Director of Incubation and Programming, Dominick Ard’is to work with Co-Starters’ program “Get Started“.
  • My official title is “Project Management Intern”.
  • I know I will learn such depth and professional development under Dominick’s leadership.

Until next post, I hope to find color and adventure with this internship.

Always with best,