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Shift Happens

At the onset of this internship, I originally thought I was going to be working more with scheduling and attending meetings with legislators. However, due to the fact that session has recently ended, it hasn’t really worked out that way up until now. I have my fingers crossed for the future though. Over the past couple of weeks I have somewhat shifted my view of what my role is with the INIE team. Instead of interacting with legislators, I’ve shifted my focus more to scheduling, marketing, and advertising upcoming INIE events, as well as events for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Big Bend Chapter, a group that is an INIE member and somewhat of a partner. Although I was originally very excited to get to meeting with legislators, I’ve enjoyed gaining the practical, hands on, approach to making an event happen, and advertising it so that we get a good attendance turnout. As I said, it’s great to get this practical knowledge that will certainly benefit me in future professional settings. But it’s also good to experience a shift in what I expected on the onset of this job and learn how to roll with the punches. So to sum it all up: shift happens.


A Learning Curve

Like the sentiments shared by Austin in his blog post, I also felt, as he put it, “thrown into the fire” Although it was a rough first couple of days or so, not know what I didn’t know. Slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of it. I get to become more proficient with multiple types of software, MailChimp, MemberClicks, Constant Contact, etc. I also get to see how a business might go about marketing itself and it’s events. But the best part is getting to connect and speak with people who make Tallahassee and the nonprofit sector hum. In four weeks no, I’ve made more contacts and learned more than I have in 23 previous years. I’ve always wanted to work on a political staff, and through working with INIE I was able to speak with the honorable Marjorie J. Turnbull, who previously represented our district, the 9th district in the Florida House of Representatives. Getting to speak with someone with personal work experience in the House was as informative and enlightening as all the study that I’ve done on politics since I became interested at age 15.

To summarize, I just wanted to iterrate the pleasure it is to get to be around such impressive people in this community and see how business actually gets done and the types of concerns and interests CEO’s and Directors have. Working with INIE has been very pleasant so far, and I look forward to what’s coming for the rest of the semester.