Final Reflections

What a summer it has been! Two months ago, I had all of these internship goals, and now finishing up, it feels amazing to say that I’ve accomplished them!

I also want to reflect on how incredible this journey has been for my personal growth. I went from a college student with a dream, to an Executive Director of a Nonprofit. I learned to prioritize; business over beach days. I learned discipline; 8 hours a day means getting tasks accomplished. I learned to share my passion; talking and writing about my summer helped me to refine the story and inspire others. I learned to dream; as I was making decisions I kept the future in mind (new countries and new girls!). I learned to journal; both for organization and for reflection. I learned to problem solve; sometimes life throws you money curveballs. I learned to be alone; sometimes God is the only friend you need. I learned so much about myself in these past two months and I’m thankful for the time to refocus my priorities toward the future of Gifts for Confidence.

Overarching Milestones from this internship:

  • Developing a 4 month social media plan to increase the Elpis International presence
  • Compiling databases and learning the stories of so many Elpis kids
  • Teaching myself and then creating the Gifts for Confidence Website
  • Registering my nonprofit with the state
  • Writing a 21 lesson sewing curriculum from scratch and then translating it into Amharic and teaching it to Friwot, the sewing teacher.
  • Sourcing fabric locally from Ethiopia to use for our program’s future products and projects
  • Learning about future tangible job opportunities for the girls that graduate from my sewing program.

All of these milestones lead to one thing, Sustainability for the future of the sewing program and my nonprofit. I’m actually really sad this is my last post, I’ve really enjoyed writing and sharing my experiences, challenges, and my voice.

-Jessica Bachansingh

Finishing up the curriculum with Friwot