INIE’s Lasting Impact (on me)

As I briefly mentioned in my last blog post, I think I have actually found my passion. It took until my senior year of college to really realize that some form of event coordination. I had a blast working with several different organizations and individuals while doing a number of events with INIE.

I was working at Jimmy Johns throughout my college career, and whereas its been a great job the few months at INIE have been so much more impactful. The work I have done in the microsoft office applications has been an immersive and necessary experience for me to go through. Coming into this internship I was not even expecting to be doing any form of web design, but I did. I actually completely re-designed the INIE Job Board in the company website, that in itself took me a whole eight hour work day. The web design aspect excited me greatly due to how surprised I was to get that experience.

All of the tasks at INIE have been enjoyable, I wish I could afford to keep volunteering with INIE because it was a great environment and I actually was getting good work done. We could actually see the impact of the work we were doing which is very rewarding work in itself. I owe a lot to INIE and FSU for being able to have this experience, I loved every last bit of it and without this experience I’m not entirely sure I would have a real passion going into the real world from my college experience. I recommend anyone that was in my shoes find there way into an internship as it has been beyond beneficial.



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