INIE’s Events

I have to say my favorite aspect of my internship through INIE has been the event side, I truly think I have found my passion in helping with event coordination and really helping organize these events. Throughout my time at INIE the one theme that I kept hearing people talk about how happy they were that INIE has been so successful. There was a need for an resource center for the abundance of nonprofits in the Leon County and surrounding area. Not only does INIE meet the needs of their member but they go above and beyond.

I have been with INIE for a couple of months, countless events have been hosted at INIE during my time with the organization. During these events I would handout workshop evaluation forms for attendees to fill out for feedback following the event that INIE can take into account. Every time I had to log the evaluations on Excel and upload them to Dropbox, people were blown a way by how great the content was time and time again.

A whole other side to these events is that INIE also typically provides a meal and beverages. I myself was put in charge of catering on multiple occasions and had correspondence with Publix, Panera, and RedEye. Luckily these organizations often helped up with prices due to INIE being a nonprofit hosting events for other nonprofits. In fact in my time we secured a partnership with RedEye and Panera moving forward with commitments almost monthly for certain events respectively.


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