Knowledge is Power

SOPs, MemberClicks, Dropbox, QuickBooks, AFP, group benefits, reimbursement, NPEP, and NESI.

All of these terms, if heard by the general public would not be recognizable.  However to me, these words represent the growing knowledge and awareness that INIE has allowed me to gain.  As I reflect on my time at this internship I realize that I know very little about this sector but am more intrigued every day to learn more.  My experience at INIE has been everything I had hoped for.  From learning basic administrative office tasks to watching and participating in large scale event planning, my internship experience has given me necessary skills.  I now understand how to scan papers onto a PDF and how to type up a reimbursement document.  I understand how to facilitate the completion of a grant by compiling data and documents requested.  I understand how to conduct an office tour and ask the right questions about people’s nonprofits and goals.  This knowledge did not exist just over 4 months ago.

INIE is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits, but it is also a place where interns are taught and guided to shine in their own passions.  The most surprising thing about this internship was the willingness of our amazing leaders to help us reach our goals.  Jessica Lowe-Minor and Alexa Cardone have been strategic in helping us pursue our goals and meeting with us about how they can help us.  Even if they themselves can’t help us, they point us in the direction of those who can.

Being an intern has many different meanings and changes from place to place.  However an intern at INIE means being valued and guided through the experience.  Not every day is easy and not every assignment is done with a step by step explanation.  However as long as you show up, try your best, ask for help when need be and are a team player then INIE will give you back as much as you had put into it.  INIE has given me professional and life skills that I only hope to strengthen.  I feel so honored and appreciative to have received this internship and feel, now more than ever before, that I can succeed in this or related fields.


The picture below is from a youtube video where TCC News came to INIE for an after hours event and Desmond and I had the chance to share information about our internship experience.  Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 9.09.10 PM


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