Everything and more

Spring semester of 2017 has been the most productive, exciting semester that I have had as a college student and I have truly enjoyed it. Most of these highlights have been made possible through my internship with INIE. Since NESI has ended I have had the opportunity to experience a lot of different things these last couple of weeks. I have gotten the opportunity to be a part of some really interesting meetings and help set up some awesome events.

So Jessica Lowe-Minor, the Executive Director at INIE gets into the office and she tells me she wants me to come with her to a breakfast meeting with County Commissioner Nick Maddox. I am instantly excited to she thought to bring me with her. So the time comes and we head to Savannahs Country Buffett for the meeting. Nick is a former FSU football player that went all the way to the NFL. He isn’t from Tallahassee but once his playing days were over he decided to come back to help improve the city on many levels. So we talk football for the first 15 minutes and then we all get into the reason why we are there which is to discuss funding for nonprofits and how budget cuts would affect them. So he and Jessica discuss different things around the subject for a while and then this great idea comes up, doing an EEP (Entrepreneurial Excellence Program) for nonprofits over a six week span that ends in a shark tank like pitch night where the winner receives a substantial amount of seed capital that the city and county would agree to co-fund. This makes everyone extremely excited because of the opportunity for everyone involved to improve the nonprofit sector by helping them to be more entrepreneurial minded by generating self-sustaining income. This is especially important to a nonprofit because keeping the doors open is the main priority with so much dependence on government funding.  

Being able to be a part of meetings like these were a hope of mine but definitely not an expectation of mine going into this internship. I just wanted to gain more knowledge on the nonprofit sector and nonprofit management. Jessica has been so instrumental to me throughout this whole internship. With her open heart and willingness to always help it’s no wonder why she is so successful and I truly appreciate my time at INIE. This internship has exceeded my expectations, hopes and dreams, it’s been everything and more!


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