A blend of change

The weeks have flown by and so have the experiences from Spring semester at FSU. While the number of hours I sleep is down and the number of things due are up, I find fulfillment in everything I do. As the semester comes to a close and I reflect on my classes, internship, and more I realize something. This semester I have connected more with students, professors, and professionals in entrepreneurship than ever before.

At FAVACA I have been introduced to organizations I would never imagine have worked with such as Singing For Change Foundation, United States Department of Agriculture, and small grassroots groups in Latin America. Though FAVACA is  small team, we connect with hundred of volunteers and organizations throughout the year.

In the internship cohort, I have met multiple students that are likeminded, passionate, and talented individuals. I have been inspired by the minds in the cohort and have had some meaningful conversations about what it means to bring social impact in a sustainable way to the world. I recently attended the NESI 2.0 Conference where INIE interns helped plan and organized the event. It was such an insightful and proactive time where I learned about the importance of community unity. These kind of relations lead me to invest in my work at FAVACA even more and innovate the way that things are done


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