I am so grateful for my experience at The Apprenticeship Center. I didn’t even know about The Apprenticeship Center until this past summer when I met with Linda and my professor Bruce for a meeting. By the end of the meeting I knew I wanted to get involved with this organization that sought to bridge the gap between academic learning and the world of work. It was my goal to get TAC ready for replication and see that more and more people have the opportunity to access a live learning lab! During my time at TAC I worked with Linda to develop an operational manual for a TAC Franchise, I did a Needs Assessment for replication through Social Franchising and I provided a final overview of my recommendations to develop the TAC Brand. Some of my recommendations related to potential partners, ideas for sustainably funding TAC,  and marketing ideas for telling the story of TAC’s impact.

Not only did I learn about TACs model of bridging the gap between the classroom and  the workplace, but I was able bridge some gaps in my own life. During my time at TAC I realized I wanted to have a career in workforce development. I was able to figure out how I wanted to approach the field, and  in the spring I will begin my Master’s in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies which draws upon the fields of education, psychology, communications, and management in order to improve human performance. I will learn how to create innovative approaches to helping people improve their skills, knowledge, and job  performance. I believe I will be able to create more value in organizations and maybe even start my own! I cannot express how thankful I am for my time at TAC and receiving mentorship and guidance from Linda, Bruce and Olivier! This was an internship/apprenticeship experience like no other that has allowed me to see Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in action and given me clarity and direction to map out the next steps in my career journey.


Girls on The Run -Final Weeks

Coming to the end of the internship and looking back, It’s incredible to think about how much I have learned working with this local non-profit. There are still 2 large events that will conclude the season and I will be present at both of them. They are the end of season 5k where all the girls will have a concrete memory of having set a goal and accomplished something great; and the Awards Ceremony! I am excited to encounter all of the girls from all of the sites and see the full circle of impact of the GOTR curriculum.

As far as the internship, we are working diligently to acquire the remaining necessary volunteers to operate the 5k. We have chosen winners for extraordinary people “Joy Makers” are the adults and “WonderGirls” are the girls who have shown to exemplify the core values of the program. I was excited to help with the judging role on this. Working with GOTR I have had the opportunity to briefly see and be apart of the many, many tasks that make a non-profit flourish, Now more than ever I feel  more prepared to join the work force and take the enthusiasm GOTR has instilled in me. Besides hard skills, I am thankful to take away from this internship the experience of soft skills. To have struggled, persevered, maintained and prevailed! Even though I am not able to ever be a Girls on the Run girl the passion and enthusiasm that every volunteer and member of this non-profit exudes inadvertently teaches you the lessons that the young girls learn through curriculum and running. There is no greater reward than to have learned more about yourself and having done so through an organization that stands for exactly what you stand for. I consider myself an honorary GOTR girl and one last time, I have to shout,  Girls on The Run is so much FUN!