The Apprenticeship Center-2

This past week went very well. I would say the highlight was being able to meet with Linda, my Knowledge Navigator(mentor) and discuss my progress on my projects. As I spoke about in my previous post, during the internship I’ve realized how difficult it is to create and develop something new, without any blueprints or extensive instructions. Gratefully Linda helps guide me with my projects while still challenging me to think critically. One of my main projects is to develop an operational manual for replicating The Apprenticeship Center (TAC), like that of a franchisee operational manual. During our meeting I started reviewing the outline I had been working on and discussing the essential components and business processes that makeup TAC. Linda really helped me by encouraging me to focus on who my audience is. She helped me realize my audience may include funders, community leaders, students, higher education institutions, and various others. She encouraged me to imagine that I have people who have agreed to start a new TAC but now want to know how TAC really works and how we are going to approach implementing it in a new community. At the end of the semester, I will put together a presentation to describe the implementation process and Linda will have business and community leaders evaluate my presentation.


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