INIE update!

As many of you know, the month of November in the Tallahassee- Leon County area is E-month (entrepreneurship month). The past couple weeks at INIE I have been working on our engagement in this. I have been attending meetings with my mentor who is on the E-month board at the Office of Economic Vitality. It has been really interesting to see the engagement between all the partners. Everyone is working together to further the presence, value, and recognition of entrepreneurship in the community while also furthering their own organizations interests. I can see benefit across the board. INIE  recognizes the importance of nonprofits and social enterprises being a part of this, to help close the gap between the sectors for profit, nonprofit, and socially innovative businesses. My mentor has put me in charge of a Social Entrepreneurship Meetup event that will be held in our space. It will be a mixer event where people have the opportunity to converse and connect with others in the community with similar goals and mindsets. I have been working on contacting local social enterprises to attend as well as students who have genuine interest in this field. So if any of you reading this would be interested in this event, it’s Monday Nov 7th, from 5:30-7. Come out! It will be a great time!


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