Girls On The Run, Is So Much Fun!

My experience so far with Girls on the Run of the Big Bend (GOTR-BB) has been like no other internship I have encountered. My mentor is Ericka and she is the Executive Director of GOTR for the big bend region. This internship is different from others I have been involved with in that Ericka keeps you motivated, learning and organized. When we first sat down she explained to me that this internship is catered to my wants, that where I would like experience she would “plug me in” to the appropriate area to learn as much as I wanted. I chose to focus on Event Coordination, Grant Writing, and Finances. Keeping my goals in mind she assigns me weekly tasks or assignments that incorporate the needs of the organization and my personal objectives.I am assigned anywhere from 5-10 different tasks to accomplish typically on a Monday which outlines the due dates summary of the task and one or two ideas to help with compiling a plan of attack.

Typically I am given complete control over accomplishing all tasks. These tasks range from emailing people within the non-profit to confirm logistics for events, requesting or picking up marketing items, presenting information about the semester during monthly meetings and even locating and securing awards for the end of semester volunteer banquet. This week, for example I am continuing the coordination of a Veterans Day Service Event. This week my most involved task has been to search, contact and secure donations for the event. Ericka, provides me the framework and I submit to her the details for her to review and then I am in charge of contacting the appropriate board member or lead coordinator to handle the ins and outs of each task that I focus on, this will eventually lead to the entire Veterans Day event. I receive enough feedback to do well on each task, although sometimes it takes multiple drafts to get it just right. I also get to see where my work is sent or displayed as it relates to the whole GOTR organization.



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