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DOMI: (n) latin for “family”

150 members, 200+ business entrepreneurs, 3 directors, and 3 interns. All with one objective: to build the vision and mission of social entrepreneurs into a tangibly innovative business, while creating a family of networks. My first week interning at Domi was the exposure to this realization, as well as the realization that I had the chance to be part of this wonderful process.

At its core, Domi can be divided into two sectors: the physical space and the innovation. Within the physical space, Domi provides co-working space for entrepreneurs to have 24/7 access to the facility, similar to that of Google Headquarters.. Maybe not so much in the wealth, but in the youth and innovative atmosphere. The second component is the innovation. As Tallahassee’s main incubation agency, the 150+ members at Domi are all exposed to a network of mentors and staff to guide their startup process.

So as a quick recap to my experience during my first week of Domi, here are some highlighted points I enjoyed:

  • Domi offers free Catalina Cafè to its members
  • During “creative breaks” the staff encourages members of Domi to either walk to the FAMU park, play ping pong, or grab a drink with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • I get to be part of working under the Director of Incubation and Programming, Dominick Ard’is to work with Co-Starters’ program “Get Started“.
  • My official title is “Project Management Intern”.
  • I know I will learn such depth and professional development under Dominick’s leadership.

Until next post, I hope to find color and adventure with this internship.

Always with best,



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