Get Started: Project Management Intern


Questions I’ve Had Thus Far:

  • What is my role as an intern to Domi?
  • How do I use my knowledge of leadership and growth and apply it to my position?
  • What areas can I grow in while at Domi?
  • What am I taking away from this so far?

In asking myself these questions during my 5 weeks at Domi, I’ve been able to have better reflection and insight into my experience. Each day I go into Domi I am genuinely excited and ready to begin my role as the Project Management Intern. When engaging in the agency 4 days a week, for at least each 5 hour shifts, I get to be part of such an amazing process of facilitating growth and development for Tallahassee’s entrepreneurial community. I’ve begun working with two other interns to develop a better marketing of Domi and publicize the innovation that happens each week during a typical Domi day, working with Dominick Ard’is to facilitate the weekly Get Started program for businesses, and working to help create a feedback system for the weekly One Million Cups pitches. I think that my experience thus far at Domi has been rewarding and challenging in that I have been able to have space to create on my own, while being guided in productivity.





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