VegFest 2k16 was a Success!

March 20th was the day! All member of the RedEye intern team went ready head on over to Vegfest at Cascades Park by 8am. It was a chilly morning but that just made it even better to sell coffee. Our day started off slow, with Britt driving the Truck and us following him close behind hoping that none of our materials would flop around as we unsupervisedly drove across town to finally show off our espresso making skills and customer service.

Everyone was very eager to see what was on our menu for the day and if they knew any familiar faces in the truck.We proceeded to explain that that we were only there temporary for our internship but we were loving every minute of it. Lots of people also asked about all the great values that Redeye had to offer since they saw the advertising on the truck–“Drink coffee locally, change lives globally”.

The whole event went very smoothly but I think our biggest challenge that I believe we over came was the fact that we couldn’t bring normal coffee fix-ins that you would normally have at Redeye Midtown(your basic cream, sugar, whole milk). These ingredients weren’t allowed at the festival seeing as we were only allowed to bring vegan products and nothing more. This made it slightly difficult to foam the milk for the latte’s and hot drinks, but most people seemed to like it anyway.

Over all the day turned out a great success and we were able to exceed our Predicted earnings as we ran out of cold brew and other ingredients to sell!!


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