Last Minute Change of Plan

20160328_132432MuniMod has provided plot twist after plot twist, but this time, we will be completely changing our entire idea with less than a month until it is time to present. We had been working on a social media platform to connect cities with their constituents. As time went on, a couple group members started having doubts, our instructor suggested it may be a little too broad, and we lost our only programmer.

That’s when a teammate had a great idea! We could build a system to help in emergency situations, like when hurricanes destroy some of the coastal areas. The idea consists of drones finding trapped civilians and delivering GPS/radios that would allow emergency personnel to find and communicate with them. An added benefit of communicating with those in need of help is the ability to establish which cases are more urgent. (e.g. If someone gets a beacon but already has plenty of supplies to wait a while longer, he can tell the emergency personnel to go save his neighbor who is out of food and has a broken leg.)

Though I was against this change of plans at first, I think it will be exactly what we need to reinvigorate our team and get us back on track. Also, when the competition is over, we might have a chance to improve our idea and sell it to the coast guard or some other emergency group.


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