Great Success at the Vegetable Festival

Our team efforts in planning, organizing, and training for our main event of the semester have paid off!  On March 20th we took the mobile RedEye cafe coffee truck to Cascades Park as an official vendor for the 2nd annual North Florida VegFest. We met at Element3 church where the truck lives around 8am to prepare for departure and make sure the truck was fully stocked. After assuring that we had all the necessary supplies on board for the event, we hit the road. We arrived at our designated parking lot in Cascades Park around 9am at the same time our neighbor vendor, The Backpackers’ Box food truck was arriving. They were very friendly and we coordinated effectively on how to best situate our vehicles in the parking lot. We got set up in a prime spot along the main row where the festival was taking place and had an electrical outlet directly behind the truck so we didn’t have to worry about setting up the generators.

Shortly after getting the RedEye coffee signs and flags up around the truck, brewing some fresh coffee and setting up the cash register/credit card system we got our first customers. They were actually vendors at the festival too and seemed very grateful for the product and service we provided. When the event actually started at 11am, many customers began lining up and we got into a good rhythm of taking orders, preparing the drink and processing the payments. It was great customer service experience and I felt like all of our interactions with customers were very positive. Some people wanted to know more about RedEye and where the main coffee shop was located so we shared with them some brochures that are kept on the truck about RedEye’s mission and background.

In the middle of the afternoon we actually sold out of the cold brew coffee which was by far the most popular choice, and so one of us had to go pick up some more from RedEye. Business died down more toward the end of the day, with occasional customers coming by. However, overall it was a successful day and we sold a total of $540.50 in product. Next week we will work out all of our expenses and figure out our exact net earnings and where that money will go. I am very happy with the outcome of this internship experience so far and look forward to synthesizing it into a final paper and presentation.


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