Home Garden Initiative

As the months go on here at iGrow we are continuing to learn how to grow and harvest vegetables. Cabbages, potatoes, arugula, and many others are only some of the few that we are currently working on.

The home garden program is progressing nicely. We are going to be installing our first few gardens within the next week and we will hopefully be able to keep them flourishing within the neighborhood. We hope to gain more residents who are willing to participate, but one or two is definitely a great starting point. It will give us a great chance to work out any kinks before we can fully implement it and start branching out to other neighborhoods.

There have also been a few trips to the farmers market to sell some of the produce that we are growing. Taking the time to learn how to grow and to nourish these vegetables is a very inspiring experience. Finally being able to pull them out of the ground after months of watching them grow is very fulfilling. I am also learning about a lot of vegetables and fruits that I didn’t even know existed. And teaching this to my friends is fun as well. I hope to continue learning as I finish up my internship here at iGrow.


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