iGrow Community Garden

The weeks that have passed have been filled with introductions, a lot of learning, and much brainstorming. The focus for this semester is community outreach. My main focus for this project is to engage with the immediate residents in the area and to educate them more on what products and services we are offering at iGrow. In addition to this we are also attempting to implement a home garden program. In this program we are going to give out free equipment and supplies to anyone who is interested in learning how to garden. We will provide assistance to those who need it as well as encourage them to come out on the work days and learn more about what they are growing so that they can continue to grow different plants as well as pass on what they know to other people.

In doing this we would really like to establish a bartering system between the people of the community to bring it back together and revitalize Frenchtown into what it used to be. We’re beginning with a survey to get a grasp of the different types of things that the residents of the community want to see being grown in the garden as well as to see how many people would be interested in the home garden program. As soon as we implement the survey, we will be getting a head start on the program.


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