Home Garden Outreach

Executing the home garden program is going into full effect now. Going into the surrounding community we have asked residents who live around the garden if they would be interested in the program and asked if they know about the services and products that we have to offer. Once we are finished with this side of the program we will begin to make an informational pamphlet that will be helpful to those who are just learning how to garden.

The pamphlet will offer tips on what the best seeds are to plant during certain times of the year. It will also offer some more information on the products and services that iGrow has to offer. With the survey we have realized that many people are aware of the garden and what we are growing, but they aren’t very informed on the opportunities that iGrow has to offer. This is where I come in. Our overall goal is to get as many people involved in the home garden program as possible. But we would also like to get more involvement on the main site as well.

To encourage involvement we asked the people around the community what they would like to see being grown in the garden and have received an overwhelming response for more fruits. So we are looking forward to implementing that as soon as the season allows. We are always looking for more volunteers who can come out and work consistently, so we will engage and talk with the surrounding residents as much as possible.


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