Well here it is the end of my 2015 year at FSU, and also the end of my internship with Redeye Coffee. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed working with my group and Mark. We finished up by working together on our final presentation which came out real nice. We also met with Mark and talked about our overall experience and our thoughts on it all. Mark is very inspirational and I learned so much (especially how to make a mean expresso). I got so much out of this time with Redeye Coffee and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you- Sean Gillette


Final Reflection

Over the course of the semester, I had had the privilege of interning with the Greater Frenchtown Heritage Market, an although this experience is done it is my plan to pursue a role with the organization and continue to be involved with the revitalization efforts of the Frenchtown community.

Working on this internship I was not only about to flex my entrepreneurial toolkit and I had the opportunity to get out in my community as an envoy for the FHM and develop connections within those who are dedicated to making a difference in environmental equity and sustainable food systems. I believe this will be of great value as I continue to learn and grow in the Tallahassee area as a urban planner.

This year my big project was a film screening event put together to gather different actors in the local food movement including organizers, farmers, sustainability advocates, student organization leaders and anyone else interested to generate dialogue about the local efforts being made to make healthful, fresh, sustainably grown accessible to all in the city. This event was grew through a partnership with a local non-profit organization called Going Places, which is a teen outreach program, to share space at The Plant, a local modular art and creative space, and host the screening before their community potluck.

Through this internship I have grown my confidence in seeking out and working with people who have common goals, sharpened my attention to strategic focus when executing plans, and began more intimately familiar with the humanscape of Tallahassee and have begun to understand what those who have been paying attention a lot longer than me say this city really needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!