Week 6

As this being the final week, things have slowed down even more. Most of the students are busy working, either on their business or on other matters. On Tuesday the rest of the group went to see one students’ area where she wanted to keep and harvest bees. I was unable to go due to sickness, but from what I heard, what she has in mind is not feasible. There are too many costs and more kept coming up each time we met her. However she has decided to continue this using her own funds and other methods to receive money On Saturday we went to the house of a student who will be baking cakes and selling them for birthdays and weddings. We saw the oven and the tools she bought to run her business. She already has a few clients, and with weddings a common occurrence here her business has a high chance of succeeding and being quite profitable. Monday was the last day of classes. We spent the day reconvening and discussing how their two weeks went and what went well or did not go well during that time. On the final two days, Monday and Tuesday, we spent our time going over any last questions and to give our final goodbyes. Unexpectedly, the whole class surprised the teachers and mentors with their own personal words of thanks as well as small gifts. It was truly a kind gesture and brought immense joy to me knowing that the students enjoyed their time and that we all made a positive impact.

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